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It has been a long time coming but we are thrilled to announce that Addicted to Sheep is NOW available to buy or rent online. Different platforms cover different territories but it is now accessible globally in the English version! We hope we can reach many more people across the globe.

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Please click on the links / buttons below to access your preferred platform:

iTunes:    itunes.2be7431236ce

Amazon:  amazoninstant.9cc905e8ae27

jMAN:      jmantv.7398ecba4f35

Vimeo:     Vimeo

For more details on which territories are covered by which platform please visit our ‘Watch’ page on the Addicted to Sheep website.

Out latest newsletter is also out. Please read here for more details on screenings.

If you do have any questions please do get in touch with us at and we will do our best to help.

Christmas is fast approaching and we can help you find the perfect present! We now have a limited edition of Addicted to Sheep T-Shirts which can only be purchased from our website here. They come in size S, M, L, XL and XXL but we only have a limited number for each! We also have 2 gift packs available at a reduced price and of course individual items such as DVDs, mugs, tote bags, cinema posters as well as needle felted miniature sheep made by Julia Knott. Please visit our online shop here. If you have any questions please do get in touch with me at


As we know that all our American and Canadian followers have been desperately waiting to see it on DVD but up to now we have only been able to produce PAL versions of the DVDs which can only be watched on computers in the US and Canada, Journeyman Pictures will produce DVDs on demand on our behalf for you. If you would like to make a Christmas gift to yourself or a loved one please contact Milo Riley-Smith at and write in the subject box ‘Addicted to Sheep NTSC DVD’.

And for our French supporters, bonne nouvelle! Le film est maintenant disponible en version originale PAL avec les sous-titres français depuis notre boutique en ligne ici! La bande annonce sous-titrée peut être visionnée ici. Le cadeau de Noël parfait! Si vous avez des questions n’ hésitez pas à nous contacter à l’adresse suivante


School Reprieved

Some of you will already know that earlier this year Forest-of-Teesdale School which featured in Addicted to Sheep was threatened to be closed by Durham County Council as it was seen as not being viable. It was sad news for the children, the parents and the community on a whole. We made some clips from the film available for them to use and show the benefits of having a small school in a rural area both for the children and the community. We are now delighted to say that after a lot of hard work from the School Board, the parents, the community and all of you who have signed a petition and showed your support Durham County Council decided to keep it open for now and for a lot longer we hope. Great news and a relief for everyone involved.

Addicted to Sheep Forest-of-Teesdale School

Artists, Farmers and Philosophers Symposium 2016

In September Director/Producer Magali Pettier had the pleasure to be invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the Heart of Teesdale Artists, Farmers and Philosophers Symposium in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, UK. She explored the importance of people in the landscape and how increasingly farmers and non farmers have to understand and respect each other as they all play a vital role in the landscape.

Tom and Kay Hutchinson were part of a panel at the Farmers’ session and gave their first presentation! They were a bit nervous but as usual they did a grand job in sharing their knowledge of what life on a farm is like.

A lot of interesting debates took place at the 3-day event. You can catch up on all the talks which have now been made available to everyone thanks to Ewan Allinson, Heart of Teesdale and HLF. Please follow this link. For Magali’s talk go to session 2 and to listen to Tom and Kay go to session 3.


Reaching more people everyday

The 60 min version of Addicted to Sheep has now been shown on BBC4 six times and with over 330 screenings of our 85 min version since its release we can safely say that the film has reached over 1.6 million viewers! Not bad for an independent film made and distributed by a very tiny teeny team!

The film has raised a lot of interest and discussions online. Here are a few comments we received. We love to receive feedback so a big Thank You if you shared your thoughts with us.

“I have just watched your documentary on BBC Four. It is by far the best factual programme I have seen for a very very long time. Totally fascinating as you don’t judge, discriminate, guide, narrate, advise. You let the pictures, characters and the natural flow of events unfurl into brilliant insight into a very hard way of life and let the viewer decide on the outcome of events.”

“I watched your film tonight as I ate my mutton broth. I was delighted, from the opening scene it was a joy. It put me in a really  good mood,  that there is someone who is making such a sensitive, moving and  funny film.”

More good news! Our 85 min film will hold its French Premiere at DOC-Cévennes International Documentary Festival in the south of France on 5th of May at 2.00pm at La Filature du Pont-de-Fer in Lasalle. The festival’s team has, for the last 2 months, been working hard to translate the film into french and subtitle it in time for the premiere so that we can share our story from the North Pennines with our french neighbours.

We hope this will lead to more screenings in France and the film to be released on DVD in french in the near future! If you have friends or family who live in The Cévennes please help us spread the word and let them know about our screening on 5th of May at 2.00pm local time. The festival runs from 29th of April to 3rd of May in five towns across The Cévennes and from 4th of May to 7th of May all screenings will take place in Lasalle.

I will make the journey from Northern England to the South of France by car with our life-size needle felted sheep (hopefully they go through Customs!) and will take part in the Q&A session after the screening.

To read more about Addicted to Sheep in french please visit the festival’s online catalogue here, page 14. Tickets will be available to purchase at the festival from Wednesday 4th of May. For more details please visit page 60 on their online catalogue. We hope you can join us!

I’m pleased to announce that Addicted to Sheep will hold its North American Premiere at Ashland Independent Film Festival on the 8th of April in Oregon (USA), one of the coolest film festivals in the world according to MovieMaker! I will be attending this lively and vibrant festival that attracts over 7,000 film lovers in this historic town the Washington Post called “a dream you’ll never want to leave”. We hope this is the launchpad for the long awaited release of the film onto the North American market. For those of you who live on the Western seaboard this is an opportunity not to be missed to see it on the big screen. The festival runs from the 7th to 11th of April and Addicted to Sheep will be screened on Friday 8th of April at 3.30pm local time at The Historic Ashland Armory. Hope to see you there!

For more details about the screenings please visit our International Screenings page here

We attended The Royal Television Society North East & The Border Awards 2015 last weekend. We found out at the event Addicted to Sheep was shortlisted and were already really happy. But to top it up I’m pleased to say we were presented with the RTS North East & The Border Award 2015 for the cinema version of Addicted to Sheep! A great accolade and reward for everyone involved in making the film. To see more pictures please visit the film’s website here.

In the last month, we have had a lot of good news. First, we released the DVD of Addicted to Sheep, then we featured in BBC Countryfile‘s “Winter Special”, followed by BBC4 confirming the Transmission date of our 60 min TV version on Feb 8 at 9.00pm and Feb 9 at 11.00pm. And this week we were proud to see the film and The Hutchinson feature on a double spread page in Radio Times. We thought it couldn’t get any better but today we have more good news. Film Critic Mark Kermode chose to review Addicted to Sheep in his blog ‘Kermode Uncut: The Big Sheep’. The week keeps getting better!

Watch Mark Kermode’s blog here.

Addicted to Sheep has made it in Radio Times Magazine this week! The double page spread features an exclusive interview with The Hutchinson by Brian Viner who wrote a 4-star review of Addicted to Sheep for Daily Mail last year (Reviews here See below samples of this week’s feature! You might want to get a copy this week!

The 60 min TV version will be shown for the first time on Monday 8th February at 9.00pm on BBC Four and for those of you who like a late night it will be repeated on Tuesday 9th February at 11.00pm on BBC Four too!

If you missed Countryfile’s ‘Winter Special’ last Sunday in which Addicted to Sheep features you can catch up here.

The Hutchinson who feature in Addicted to Sheep and myself had the pleasure to be filming together one more time at the farm. But this time it was by a team from the BBC for a ‘Winter Special’ for BBC Countryfile. The Hutchinsons who spoke to Matt Baker about their passion for sheep, the challenges they face as hill farmers in the winter and their motive for letting Magali Pettier film their lives will feature in the programme in a 6 min piece on Sunday 31st January from 7.00pm. Some clips of Addicted to Sheep will also be included in the programme. Help us spread the word!

And more good news, over the last few months we have been working with BBC4 to make a 60 min TV version based on our 85 min cinema version. We are now pleased to say that the 60 min version has been signed off and that it will be broadcast for the first time on BBC4 on the 8th of February at 9.00pm and will be repeated on Tuesday 9th of February at 11.00pm. Although it was hard to cut 25 min from our ‘labor of love’ we think that the 60 minute BBC TV cut retains the essential elements of the original allowing us all to experience life on a hill farm without having to get dirty!

To see more pictures from our day of filming with Countryfile visit

I am pleased to say that Addicted to Sheep is now available on DVD which includes extra scenes as well as a little surprise inside the box! You can buy it from the film’s online shop here. And that’s not all, on the shop you can also get a little memento of the film as we sell mugs, bags, film posters and even some handmade needle felted sheep!

To keep up to date with the film’s distribution plan you can sign up to our occasional newsletter here!